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Don’t use STL regex library in Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC), at least for now

It’s great to see the C++ standard getting periodical updates every 3 years since 2011: new STL components, syntax sugars, and a lot of other stuffs, which I (and probably many other people) have been waiting for years. However, regex library is unfortunately an exception: apparently there is something wrong with MSVC’s underlying implementations, and the performance is surprisingly bad.

Parse MATLAB classification tree and Generate corresponding JSON

MATLAB Classification Learner is a powerful tool for building and testing classification model. However, the generated classification tree is not very user-friendly to use outside of MATLAB. This post introduces a context-free grammar for parsing MATLAB classification tree and a tool to generate the corresponding JSON file.

Hello, World!

I’m glad you found this place from somewhere on the Internet! Hope the following Java code snippet may give you the idea of this post ;)

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