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Configure DHCPv6-PD (Prefix Delegation) Client & Server on Mikrotik RouterOS 6.48.2

Who would ever need dirty hacky buggy shaky NAT66 if one can utilize prefix delegation? With a little bit effort, your Mikrotik router can serve as the centerpiece of your local IPv6 services. In this post, I’ll introduce how to set up DHCPv6-PD on Mikrotik RouterOS 6.48.2.


在 Mikrotik RouterOS 6.48.2 上配置 DHCPv6-PD(前缀代理)

摘要:个人对于 NAT66 一直持有敬而远之的态度(毕竟这实在是太不 IPv6 了)。当然,迄今为止依然还有不少 ISP 只分配 /64 的前缀,这种情况下除却 NAT66 也就只能考虑 NDPv6 代理。总的来说,如果能够从 ISP 那拿到比 /64 更短的前缀,前缀代理毫无疑问是(自动)划分 IPv6 子网的最佳方案。

Towards 2.5GbE (NBASE-T) on ASUS RT-AX88U with RTL8156B and Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19

The lack of integrated 2.5GbE port makes ASUS RT-AX88U less powerful in my mind, especially when taking its processor BCM49408, which natively supports 2.5GbE, into account. The game however has changed, after I managed to finally reveal the full potential of AX88U with Realtek’s USB-based 2.5GbE solution: RTL8156B.


在 AX88U + Merlin 384.19 上配置基于 RTL8156B 的 2.5GbE 网卡

摘要:AX88U 缺少板载的 2.5GbE 网卡实为一大遗憾,尤其是考虑到它的 CPU BCM49408 提供了原生支持。幸好螃蟹家(Realtek)提供了一个经济的 USB 3.0 解决方案 —— RTL8156B,本文将介绍如何在 AX88U + Merlin 384.19 上配置基于 RTL8156B 的 2.5GbE 网卡。

LAN port isolation (port-based VLAN) on ASUS RT-AX88U with Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16

Although there is no more robocfg command on HND platform and Asuswrt-Merlin lacks GUI support on creating VLAN, port-based VLANs (or static VLAN) can still be achieved by separating ethernet interfaces into isolated bridges and applying firewall (ebtables or iptables) rules.


在 AX88U + Merlin 384.16 上实现 LAN 端口隔离(静态 VLAN)

摘要:尽管博通 HND 平台移除了 robocfg 命令,梅林固件也没有提供划分 VLAN 的 GUI 支持,但通过把以太网端口分离至独立网桥 + 防火墙规则 (ebtablesiptables) 的方式,仍然可以在 AX88U + Merlin 384.16 上实现 LAN 端口隔离(静态 VLAN)。

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Don’t use STL regex library in Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC), at least for now

It’s great to see the C++ standard getting periodical updates every 3 years since 2011: new STL components, syntax sugars, and a lot of other stuffs, which I (and probably many other people) have been waiting for years. However, regex library is unfortunately an exception: apparently there is something wrong with MSVC’s underlying implementations, and the performance is surprisingly bad.

Parse MATLAB classification tree and Generate corresponding JSON

MATLAB Classification Learner is a powerful tool for building and testing classification model. However, the generated classification tree is not very user-friendly to use outside of MATLAB. This post introduces a context-free grammar for parsing MATLAB classification tree and a tool to generate the corresponding JSON file.

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Hello, World!

I’m glad you found this place from somewhere on the Internet! Hope the following Java code snippet may give you the idea of this post ;)

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