MATLAB Classification Tree Parser

This tool allows you to parse the output of MATLAB classification tree (i.e. view(ctree)) and generate the corresponding JSON file for easier usage of the tree outside of MATLAB.

Should you encounter any problem with this tool, please leave a comment below or email me.

Tip: For implementation details and source code, please check this post.


Paste the output of MATLAB classification tree (i.e. view(ctree)) below.

Minify output JSON
Use compact JSON key names (e.g. fn for featureName)
Draw classification tree in PNG (default: SVG)


Corresponding JSON or errors detected will be shown below.

The output JSON format is described here.

Classification Tree

Corresponding classification tree will be drawn below if no errors occurred in the input.

You can compare this with MATLAB’s graph mode (view(ctree, 'mode', 'graph')) to verify the output.

Privacy Notice

All the code of this tool is purely executed in the client side, which means this tool runs on your device locally.

It will not collect any data you input above, and will not store the output and the classification tree this tool generates.